We all have a tendency of taking things for granted – such as our water heater, gas stove, or even our boiler. But, taking all these things for granted will only make your life complicated. We only realize it when we run out of hot water or our boiler stops working.

Here is why we have come up with a few things you should know about water heater; so that next time you don’t forget about taking care of your heater—

1.    Water heater energy efficiency – This is more like a fun fact. If you don’t know, an average household uses between 80 to 120 gallons of hot water every day. Although this is an approximate value, it means that ¼ of your home’s energy usage comes from your water heater.

2.    The maintenance – Your water heater actually needs regular and professional maintenance time to time to work efficiently. When you go for annual maintenance of your water heater, it provides you safety, extended life span and it keeps working efficiently by improving its performance. This is the reason why you should keep up with the maintenance of your water heater. Here is when HVAC Technician comes to your rescue that provides you the best water heater maintenance along with water heater installation in Vancouver City.

3.    Replace Your Water Heater when it is 7 years old – Water heaters do have a long life span but you should always replace your water heater once it is 7-10 years old. Old water heaters mean less safety and more maintenance. Although that is the life span given, you should consider replacing your water heater once it starts leaking or making weird noises or taking a long time to produce the desired amount of hot water. Change your water heater.

4.    Water heater explosions – If you do not choose the right brand for the water heater, you might face situations where your water heater might explosions. Although it is rare, it is true. The brand matters a lot and you should always consider going for the reputed brand.

5.    Do the inspection of the expansion tank before installing – When the water heats, it expands. And you must need the expansion tank right beside your heater because of the same scenario. It is a 2.5 gallon tank which holds the expanded water. Make sure you take care of these things in order to get the best out of your water heater.

Installing your water heater is easy. But make sure you keep servicing your water heater time to time.